The programme


The Trentino is a predominantly mountainous region, and that is why cultivation methods have always been connected with slope areas.

Some terraced landscapes of great value are still today dynamic and productive (Cembra valley, Lagarina valley, Gresta valley), while others are abandoned (Terragnolo valley). Over the years, the Autonomous Province of Trento has carried out several initiatives to protect terraced landscapes such as methodological approaches, management and financial support to their maintenance, recently confirmed in the new Rural Development Plan, and in the Landscape Fund, by means of specific actions.

Many restoring and valorisations projects have been financed also by the Sustainable Development Fund. Moreover, the Cembra valley has also been included in the Italian Register of Historical Rural Landscapes, and several Communities of the valley have issued competition announcements, or started projects, for restoration of terraces and recovery of abandoned agricultural lands.


The Theme



Terraced landscapes are often considered marginal agricultural areas, little or not at all supported by public policies and rural development plans. Furthermore, careless legislations sometimes prevented their careful management and restore, both from a productive and housing perspective.

Municipal regulations, Provincial or Regional urban plans, and the Rural Development Programmes of the Common Agricultural Policy are today called to take charge of the future of these landscapes by means of specific guidelines.

What are good examples of rules and policies for a careful management of terraced systems? What kind of tools can we propose to give them more value? Which strategies can we suggest to support their maintenance and productive function? How the policies can support the participation of the local people in designing and implementing the public policies?

The thematic session Rules and Policies, organized by the Province of Trento, will compare experiences and proposals at local, regional and international levels, in order to identify guidelines for supporting and maintaining inherited terraced landscapes.


Province of Trento

Contact person:Giorgio Tecilla