The design of the format of this unique international encounter and the 10 days program is a sequence of interactive spaces in Venice (2 days), 10 different Field Sites  all over Italy (5 days), and at the University of Padua (3 days). We trust in the powerful energy/inspiration/synergy coming from sharing experiences and knowledge with different actors who are concerned and have made their choice regarding the continuity of terraces in the future. For that purpose we offer an inspiring selection of field sites and topics that you can choose according to your knowledge and experience and where you want to learn and contribute most.
Note: registration to different fieldsites/thematic sessions will be open up to a maximum of 20 people for each.

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Sites & Themes

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Registration deadlines:

1st December 2015 – 31st aprile 2016:
Early Registration

31st May 2016 – 30st June 2016:
Late registration

Organizing Committee:

Franco Alberti (Veneto Region)
Timmi Tillmann (ITLA)
Maruja Salas (ITLA)
Luca Bonardi (University of Milan)
Enrico Fontanari (University IUAV Venice)
Donatella Murtas (ITLA)
Mauro Varotto (University of Padua)

International ITLA Committee:

Mourik Bueno de Mesquita,
Manuel Aguirre (Peru)
Heather Peters (Thailand-USA)
David Feingold (USA)
Lucka Azman (Slovenia)
Noriyuki Baba (Japan)

Further Information: