Proposers: International Terraced Landscapes Alliance – Italian section, Associazione Topolò-Topolouve

Organizer: Tommaso Saggiorato

The “Terraced landscapes. The past, the future” Video Contest is addressed to artists, documentary-film directors, farmers, dry-stone manufacturers, researchers and supporters of terraced landscapes at international level.

Audio-visual materials about one, or even more, terraced landscapes are focused on the following issues: historical and technical heritage related to construction and maintenance of dry-stone walls, hydro-geological management, ecological functions, crop production, social life and lifestyles, and social and economic impacts derived from maintenance or, on the contrary, from abandonment and degradation of terraced landscapes.

The Committee will indicate the three most worthy documentary-films, and the forth one will be directly selected by the public which will take part at the Topolò-Dordolla workshop.

Deadline will be July 31st, 2016; the Committee will select the videos within August 31st, 2016. Projection of selected videos, and nomination of the winner, will take place at theTopolò-Dordolla workshop from the 9th to the 12th of October 2016.

The documentaries will be also projected in Padua during the Plenary session of the Conference “Terraced landscapes: choosing the future” (October, 13rd – 15th 2016). Awards ceremony will take place in Padua, on October 14th, 2016.

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MAPTER Project:

Mapping Italian terraced landscapes


Università di Padova
Mauro Varotto
Francesco Ferrarese

Salvatore Eugenio Pappalardo

In collaboration with:

Università di Genova
Gerardo Brancucci

Università di Firenze
Carlo Alberto Garzonio

Università di Palermo
Giuseppe Barbera

Università di Napoli
Luigi Fusco Girard
Antonia Gravagnuolo
Maria Ronza

CNR-Irpi Torino
Dianele Giordan

Provincia di Trento
Giorgio Tecilla

CAI Comitato scientifico Ligure-Piemontese-Valdostano
Dino Genovese

CAI Alto Adige
Manuel Micheletti

In Italy the amount of terraced landscapes is not yet completely known: on one hand, there are very accurate censuses at local or regional level; on the other one, there is a lack of overview of their spatial distribution at national level. This project aims to present the first thematic map of terraced landscapes in Italy. It aims to develop a consistent mapping methodology, focusing on terraces size, their spatial distribution and their general features (typology, land use, age of terraces, etc.).

The project leads to achieve a web-GIS (“Terraccess Portal”), aimed to be the reference platform, at national level, for sharing economic, social, cultural and tourism projects about terraced areas.



A book on the heritage of terraces and good practices in Italy

Proposers: Italian Alpine Club (Scientific Committee – Gruppo Terre Alte)

Coordinators: Luca Bonardi, Mauro Varotto

The contribution of the Scientific Committee of the Italian Alpine Club for the 3rd World Conference on Terraced Landscapes will be based on reports about good practices and vitality of Italian terraced landscapes. The aim is to show the historical, hydrogeological, environmental and agricultural values oriented towards quality of goods and products.

These reports will be published in a book edited by the Alpine Club. The book is conceived as a tool for knowledge dissemination, actions and ideas related to terraced landscapes which can also be addressed to territorial policies, through the analysis of their historical genesis and environmental adaptation, and also evolution toward the current crisis up to recent recovery plans.



ITLA Italy: Donatella Murtas

IBO Italy Association : Sabina Marchetti


Terraced landscapes are the result of men and women collaboration, who shared the common aim of converting the steep slopes of coasts and mountains into fertile and habitable land.

After some years of lack of interest, the collective management of landscapes returns to be considered the more efficient way for the preservation of sustainable places, along with the application of the inherited knowledge.

Working camps for the restoration of terraced landscapes arise from these thoughts and from the agreement signed between the Italian branch of the International Alliance on Terraced Landscapes and IBO Italy (Flemish acronym of Internationale Bouworde/ International Partner Builders), which is a non-governmental organization that works in the national and international voluntary field for preserving history, culture and environment.

Inside the activities of the 3rd World Meeting, three working camps have been organized in three local venues that will host the Meeting: Ischia-Amalfi (Campania), Vernazza (Liguria) and Dordolla (Friuli Venezia Giulia). Volunteers will be involved in the maintenance of trails, in the cleaning of tracks and in the restoration of dry stone walls, with the constant support of local masters. The group of volunteers will involve young people (from 18 years old) from around the world.

To know more about the camps and how to take part in them please contact:

Sabina Marchetti
Donatella Murtas




Proposers: Veneto Region, ITLA Italy

Coordinator: Franco Alberti

The Veneto Region will perform an images exposition based on all the contributions presented in the Conference, in order to represent the variety and beauty of terraced landscapes that local cultures have been able to produce over the times and in different countries.

In order to make the exhibition possible, a special layout, with technical specifications for the graphic panels’ construction, will be provided by January 2016 on this website section. The organizers, along with the preparation of the Catalogue, will supervise the material production.

Materials received within June 30th, 2016 will enable the realization of the panels, which will be presented in Venice at the Opening Day of the Meeting, and published in a “2017 World Terraced Landscapes calendar.

Download the guidelines
Download the application form