Canale di Brenta

The Brenta valley extends along the Brenta River in the Pre-Alps of Vicenza, up to the Trentino border, and it is located between the Grappa Massif and the Asiago Plateau.

This narrow valley is characterized by a complex and massive terraced system, built on limestone and dolomite rocks. It still preserves memories of the tobacco cultivation, which was introduced by the XVII century, and gradually abandoned in the second half of the XX century.

In the last decade, a great number of projects have been undertaken with the aim to revalue the valley and its terraces. Such initiatives led to terraces mapping and promoted specific studies on building techniques, water management and traditional agricultural practices. The Local Landscape Observatory of the Brenta Valley and the “Adopt a Terrace Committee” have also launched participatory activities and training.

The objective is to address terraces abandonment, reflecting on the agricultural reuse within a plan that promotes sustainable and innovative agriculture, renewed economic models and lifestyles, and creating new job opportunities.





Terraced landscapes are today fragile systems, often pressed by agribusiness models on the one hand, and by decay and abandonment on the other.

However, there are in Europe interesting experiences of agronomic and social innovation, able to combine tradition and modernity, heritage and new functionalities, linking production and recreation.

How innovations can regenerate terraced landscapes without reducing them to a museum or depleting their complex natural and cultural variety? Which kind of production techniques, innovative management, cooperation systems could inspire the recovery and revitalization of terraces?

The Thematic session Agronomic and Social Innovation, organized by the Union of Municipalities of the Brenta Valley, will gather studies, experiences, and innovative projects of strategic value, in order to inspire functional and productive models to relaunch marginal terraced landscapes.


Unione Montana Valbrenta

Contact person:Chiara Nichele