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This territory is a borderland between the Valle d’Aosta and the Piemonte Regions. It is a cross-area among different morphological elements such as the mountain chains of the Alps and the Morainic hills of the Ivrea’s Serra. The terraced area is developed on the left side of the Dora Baltea and it is characterized by a strong landscape continuity. Such area is perceived as very powerful to the viewers, showing at the same time important historical, cultural, and economic values.

The terraced landscape developed in favourable slopes with specific microclimate conditions, built by local communities since the Middle Age for excellent agricultural and viticulture practices. The specific nature of such agricultural environments, together with the historic role of transalpine communication represented by the Via Francigena make such landscape attractive and  well known by  tourists.

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Tourism, which is not onlylinked to the eno-gastronomic perspective, is often mentioned as a key-corner (sometimes as a panacea) to develop opportunity of valorisation for terraced landscapes. In some cases, such relationship seems to be excessively emphasized, showing critical elements by overexposure and, therefore, compromising the same carrying capacity of such systems; in other cases such relationships are widely under construction.

Which role are presently playing the terraced territories by the chances for touristic promotion and valorisation? Where such relationship shows positive outcomes? Hence, where is it generating negative impacts, putting into risk such important heritage? How to deal with tourism and primary activities in terraced landscapes, avoiding the distortive effect that often comes together with the tourism overexploitation?

In the thematic session Landscape and tourism, organized by CIPRA Italia, studies, researches and good practices for tourism promotion will be collected, and new strategies for the sustainable touristic valorisation of terraced landscapes will be developed.


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Contact person:Federica Corrado